Wednesday, April 11, 2012

QR Codes and All That Jazz...

In the age of smartphones, tablets, iPads, and all things electronic keeping up with the bazillion ways to market can be overwhelming to say the least. I mean if you don't blog (gasp), Facebook, Tweet, and Pin, you're just not doing it right!

Sitting outside the local pizza shop the other day, I noticed in the window of the salon next door, a large colorful add with an attached QR Code. So I held up my handy dandy iPad, scanned the code (from the comfort of my car), and easy peasy I was looking at the salon's daily specials on their website within a matter of seconds. Like magic and in my opinion genius!

So, that set me off to find my own QR Code. Guess what, there are lots of sites that generate this little black and white box for FREE! Yay! Not only did I find the generator but plenty of ideas as to whereto put the QR Code. Hats, T-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, even chocolate as an add medium. 

Blogs, Etsy shops, YouTube, Facebook, plain text, and phone numbers are just a few of the electronic imprints you can attach to a QR code. The possibilities are endless!

This is the site I used to generate a code: but as I said a google search produced many. So go code away and market prosperously!!!


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing. I've often wondered how to get one of these. It will be perfect to put on my cupcake boxes!!

  2. I had no idea about this.. Thanks soo much for the tip! Visiting from Feed Me Friday and I love you site, gorgeous! :) Oh and I love your Etsy Shop!