Friday, February 10, 2012

A reflective drive....

This morning, while on my way to walk and feed a friend's dog, it struck me again how lovely New England is, and just what a lucky girl I am to be here.

Born and raised in Portland Maine I have always, and will always be a New England gal. There are however times, mostly in the quiet of the car, or on a hike around the orchards, that I breathe in and feel my senses recognize all that is fabulous in this part of the world......
for me it's crisp cool mornings when the first breath outside burns the lungs, but as I acclimate the scent of the fallen leaves, and old trees warms with the sun.

Though I'm a bit farther from the ocean than I'd like to be, about a 45 minute drive, I am blessed to have beautiful trails rounding amazing resevoirs within minutes of my home. One of my most favorite past-times is with Emma and the littles and the love, hiking and exploring those areas.

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