Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our Bunny Always Leads With Riddles.....

and yours can too!

When my sister and I were children Easter was always a favorite for us. Not because of the baskets, though we did enjoy our Easter bounty, but because we loved the chase. You see in our house the bunny made it a bit more challenging to retrieve our baskets than by just following a trail of jelly beans. In our house the bunny would leave a riddle, which lead to another riddle, and another, and so on. We had a VERY clever bunny.


There was little we enjoyed more Easter morning than reading and solving the riddles written especially for us. So much so that even once the bunny mystery had been shared, by special request, we continued many years to wake up Easter morning to find our special riddles waiting....

To inspire your creativity I'm sharing some of the riddles my sister and I, with the writing skills and wit of papa, have used over the years for our children:

Solving this first clue won’t take a Mage, but you might have to look around the “cage”!
Good Luck!
 2) Congratulations Boys, You solved your first riddle!
But if your going to win, you had better not fiddle!!
Here we go!
If you are going to find your Easter treat you must look in the home that holds your “feet”!
 3) Good job Boys, you are half way there! EB is pleased that you are on a tear! Here is your next
Some forests are green, and others are lush, but to find this clue, you must think about “flush”,
 4) Good Job boys, your hot on the trail! So the Easter Bunny better move his tail! Get ready for
your next clue….
Some creatures run, and some others may swish, but when sharks are hungry they think about “fish”!
 5) Hot stuff Boys this is really going well, when it comes to solving riddles you are doing swell!
Here we go again!
Some people say that I act like Kermit, but on every day but Easter I’m more like a “Hermit”
6) Great news fellas we are almost there, this took us some time but I don’t care!
This is your last clue…..
This is no time to be stuck in the mire, you’ll find your treats where you Dad makes “Fire”!
Hope you had a good time with our Riddle Game!
Happy Easter Boys, I’ll see you next year!
“The Easter Bunny”
Hope you enjoyed reading our riddles and come up with bunches of your own!

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