Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh the Things I Put in my LunchBots.....

I try my best to be as Eco-friendly as possible. The boy and the littles are wonderful at cleaning and separating recyclables, and we use reusable snack and sandwich bags when packing lunches. A couple of years ago I purchased a stainless steel container at a Whole Foods Market for packing salad lunches. I was hooked and went on the hunt for more.

I did not find the same as previously purchased but I did find LunchBots. A company committed to making food safe, Eco-friendly containers. Made from stainless steel their containers are durable and come in array of sizes and colors. The rectangles are great for snacks or sandwiches but my favorite are the rounds, perfect for fruit, salsa, or salad. A few of my favorites! Easy to carry and clean the best containers for your lunch.

So go, be green and share what you fill your LunchBots with!

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